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BT Young Scientists Competition

BT Young Scientists Competition

We, at Mungret Community College are delighted to have five successful projects entering into the BT Young Scientist exhibition this week!


Group Project for Biological and Chemical Science Category -

Grace Kelly and Rachel McKenna - To investigate the presence of bacteria on one's nails at the start and end of the school day.

Individual Projects for Social and Behavioural Science Category -

Cathal Carmody - Are Teenagers desensitised to violence?

Aadith Prakash Cheruppumpulli - To investigate the attitudes of Irish people towards the Irish language.

Adeel Mujahid - To investigate the changing attitudes and prejudice again Islam and Muslims.

Two second year students, Grace and Rachel decided they would like to investigate the presence of bacteria on our hands throughout the day at school. They conducted various experiments comparing morning and evening samples to find out if we pick up bacteria throughout the day and if sanitation is effective. They completed this in the hope of producing a colour changing nail polish in future that would change colour on exposure to a specific concentration of bacteria thus indicating to the wearer that they need to wash their hands. They believe that this would be a great product to have available to people in the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We also have three Transition Year students, each doing their own individual projects.

Cathal Carmody, who has previously been successful within the competition decided this year to investigate whether teenagers are desensitized to war and violence? This idea stemmed from his observations of his peers and their lack of knowledge regarding the violence that goes on in other countries around the globe. He conducted surveys to help him to gain an insight into people's views and opinions regarding the topic.

Aadith Prakash Cheruppumpullil decided to investigate the attitudes of Irish people towards the Irish language. His inspiration for this project stemmed from observations of his peers showing a distaste towards studying the language in school compared to his own experiences of his native language from India. Through conducting surveys, he hoped to gain an insight into where peoples distaste stemmed from and what could be done to encourage a liking for the language. He discovered from his research that most people value their Irish heritage and culture and are quite disappointed that they aren't able to speak the language effectively.

Adele Mujahid investigated the changing attitudes and prejudice against Islam and Muslims. This project was inspired by Adeels observation of his peers and their ignorance displayed towards recent events taking place in the Taliban and the lack of factual information they had regarding these events. He decided to conduct surveys to find out his peers understanding of Islam and Muslims and further where they get their information on recent events and news. He soon came to realise that students in schools over rely on social media platforms to keep them up to date with news and much of these articles and posts can be misleading and misinformative.

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