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Active School

The Active School And What it’s about ?

During our opening week of school in our active school flag we learned about what’s actually involved through a video. We learnt that we were a pilot school as we’re beginning the process of achieving the active school flag. Our aim is to increase the number of students taking part in physical activity each week. We can do this in a number of ways including organising whole school events and putting posters around the school to motivate students.

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The next week we had to conduct a whole school survey to get us started on our active school campaign. Myself and other classmates went around to first year DML classes to help them fill out the survey as they were new to the IT in our school. We got the results of our survey and from the findings it was evident to us that the majority of the school wanted a dodgeball interclass competition. We took all the feedback and findings from the survey on board and will be organising events after the midterm.


In class we got our badges and a whistle for the active school flag to inform our peers what our aim is and encourage students around the school to be more active. We informed the community online about our active school flag on our twitter page. We got our roles as a class so we can all focus on something particular and be more work-efficient. So far we have organised activities for first and second years at their lunch on National fitness day. We organised a penalty shoot-out on the field and over a 100 students participated. You could tell the students enjoyed it as many students approached me afterwards saying could we organise activities like this more often.We also had Bike Week in the school.


Overall so far we are happy with how our school is progressing. We know this process will take a couple of years but we are determined to achieve this flag. The more everyone participates the quicker we can achieve this goal. Keep an eye out for future activities and try to engage as much as possible.


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