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Additional Education Needs

Additional Education Needs

Students with AEN(additional educational needs) are valued in our school. We have an AEN team who meet weekly and we have a number of dedicated teachers who work closely with students. Students have Support classes on their own or in small groups. We also have team teaching in some English and Maths classes to further support groups of students. Students in resource classes get support with their subjects, typing skills and organisational and study skills and CBA or other projects/assignments. Some students also benefit from movement breaks during the day.

Social skills and reading intervention programmes are also offered in 1st year to students who may benefit.

At present we have three SNAs and two sensory rooms.

The AEN team compile ISPs (individual student plans) for students getting support and these are filled in by their subject teachers.

Standardised testing (CAT 4 - Cognitive Ability Test) is carried out each year for 1st years once they have settled in at the end of September and again in 4th Year. Through this we identify any additional students with a learning need or who are exceptionally able. Further testing is then carried out if necessary.

RACE - reasonable accommodation forms for the State Examinations are completed in 3rd year for those who are eligible.

We communicate with the feeder primary schools in the area so we can plan for our incoming students and timetable Resource classes etc in the timetables.

If you require any further information on AEN in our school please contact our AEN Coordinator Aoife Ryan

Our Additional Education Needs Team are

Liam O’Mahoney

Heien Ryan

Aoife Ryan

Fiona Hickey

Michelle Mulcahy

Ciara Wall

Carol Madigan

Niamh O’Shaughnessy

Ciara Murphy

Sean Long

Caoimhe Gleeson

Damien Brouder

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