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An Gaisce Award

An Gaisce Award

Gaisce Award


The Gaisce Award will be presented annually to pupils who have successfully completed all the categories in the four different areas of activity. All students start with the bronze award and on achievement of this, will be encouraged to go further and gain the Silver award.

There are four different areas of activity in the Award:

  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Skills
  • Physical Recreation
  • An Adventurous Activity

Participation in each of the four sections is essential to earn the Bronze award.

How to Start?

Before the end of third year, the students were given an information presentation on the award and the criteria for success. Participation in the Award begins once the participant has agreed the challenge in writing with a President’s Award Leader (PAL). The PAL is a teacher in the school who has completed training through Gaisce to support and supervise the students through the year. The student is required to keep a weekly updated record sheet of their activities.

A wide range of clubs, schools and colleges operate the Award, making participation easy for young people.

Community Involvement

Each participant must agree a suitable challenge in one community activity.


  • Care of the Disadvantaged
  • Conservation Project
  • First Aid
  • Helping Young People
  • Assisting the Elderly



BronzeOne hour per week spread over 13 weeks

SilverOne hour per week spread over 30 weeks

GoldOne hour per week spread over 60 weeks

Personal Skills

Each participant selects one skill to learn or improve upon. It may be a new or an existing skill. The main emphasis is on commitment and improvement at the particular skill.


  • Computers
  • Craft Work
  • Enterprise Projects
  • Collecting, eg, stamps
  • Musical Instruments
  • Lifesaving

BronzeOne hour per week spread over 13 weeks

SilverOne hour per week spread over 39 weeks

Gold One hour per week spread over 52 weeks

Physical Recreation

Each participant chooses one form of physical recreation to learn or improve upon.


  • Team Sports
  • Camogie
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts


BronzeOne hour per week spread over 13 weeks

SilverOne hour per week spread over 15 weeks

GoldOne hour per week spread over 18 weeks

Adventurous Activity (compulsory trip for final award - subject to change and Covid guidelines)

The students should be involved in the planning and carrying out of an adventure journey.


  • Cross Cultural Exchange (Bronze and Silver levels only)
  • Expeditions – by Foot, Canoe, Cycle or Horseback
  • Explorations – Research and Surveys


Foot ExpeditionsCycling Expeditions

Bronze:2 days – 25-35km.2 days – 100-130km.

Silver:2 days – 50-79 km.2 days – 190-220-km.

Gold:4 days – 80-110km.2 days – 300-350km.

Apr 27
2nd Year Trip to Italy
May 01
Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme Exam
May 23
6th Year Graduation Evening
May 27
Summer Exams
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