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Student Council & Student Voice

Student Council & Student Voice

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Student Voice

Student Voice is highly valued within our school community, a commitment manifested not solely in engagement with the elected Student Council, but as a result of school wide efforts to consistently encourage and harness the opinions of all our students.

The student voice suggestion box, proudly displayed adjacent to our Guidance Counsellor’s office, serves as an ongoing reminder of the importance of developing authentic and respectful relationships with, and between students, both as individuals, and as a collective body.

Creation of the suggestion box symbolises the power of collaboration, as it was designed, created and decorated by MCC staff and students.

The use of Google Forms provides a valuable mechanism for eliciting student opinion, where students, classes, year groups, the MCC Student Council, and the entire student body have been invited to participate in surveys created to gather valuable insights and perspectives.

Surveys conducted to date have sought to gauge student perspectives across a variety of areas, from seeking knowledge around heritage languages to foster and celebrate our cultural diversity, to most recently gauging the student experience of digital learning during the enforced school closures, it remains a priority for us as a school community to maintain open lines of communication.

Student Council

The MCC Student Council has continued to grow in maturity and confidence since initial voting took place after our school first opened its doors in 2017.

Council composition at MCC reflects a cross-curricular and fully democratic process, where teachers of SPHE and CSPE coordinate and facilitate elections, during which students vote to decide who represents their class on the Council.

Daily Tutor Time, timetabled SPHE classes, and the use of email all provide opportunities for class representatives to share information, and elicit opinions from, their classmates which can in turn inform and support subsequent Student Council meetings.

As part of the MCC School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process, student council representatives recently engaged in a focus group discussion to assist in planning forward for the next academic year.

Plans are also currently underway to once again address incoming 1st Year students, in order to extend a student-student welcome, and provide some insight into the operation of the student council at our school.

To date the student council have liaised with external suppliers to assist in the design of a school jacket, and played a role in reviewing school policies, such as the Homework Policy.

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They have met with UL Student Life representatives when they were treated to a tour of the Student Life building and the Glucksman library boardroom at University of Limerick, in order to get a glimpse into student voice at a renowned third level educational institution.

Chairperson and Secretary of the student council have presented at MCC Board of Management meetings, and several members of the council have spoken at Open Night and Registration evenings for 1st Year students in order to share their experience with incoming students.

The Chairperson of the Board of Management, Cllr Daniel Butler, and fellow board member, Cllr James Collins, have both attended the council meetings to address the students.

Student Council Training

Over the past three years, Mr Donal Fitzgibbon has attended MCC to conduct training with each newly elected council. In addition to discussing roles and responsibilities inherent to council business, the importance of leadership and emotional intelligence are highlighted as transferable life skills which will remain invaluable for the future.


Student Council Treasurers and fellow Council members have assisted with fundraising efforts, which to date have supported Crumlin Children’s Hospital, and most recently, The Samaritans, where students nominated and voted to decide upon the MCC Colours Day charitable beneficiary.

We look forward to the opportunity to advance both the work of the Student Council, and to celebrate the power of Student Voice across our entire cohort in the months and years ahead as our school community continues to blossom and grow.


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